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Month: May 2016

Self talk: Gaining confidence

Self talk: Gaining confidence

It’s complicated to push through a barrier that feels almost impossible to break down. This metaphorical wall can come in so many different shapes and sizes. To others, it may seem like such an easy task to complete. For you or me, it may feel almost impossible. How do people prevail over what is hindering them? How do they find success & win? The one thing I observed is most of these people have a remarkable amount of confidence.

Confidence in themselves, what they do, what they say, how they look, etc. Man. If I could have an ounce of feeling I am the sh*ts. Yes, I said it. The feeling that I am the freaking business! The thought of nobody and nothing can stop me. The certainty of knowing exactly where I am headed and having no doubt in my mind I will get there. The assurance of what anyone has to say not fazing my determination to march ahead because with or without them, I am getting to my destination! Most importantly the boldness to know any setbacks are only lessons to be learned and continuing on my journey.

The love and confidence they have for themselves is inspiring. I envy their indestructible self-esteem. Give me that feeling for just one day, a full 24 hours, let’s see what I could do! I want to be the sh*ts instead of just feeling like it.

I get stuck in my own head causing myself to not reach the potential I deserve. What if’s plaque me. I want to be like those amazingly confident people I admire. Seeing hurdles as possibilities and giving myself the chance to be the sh*ts!

I am going to fake it till I make it. I am going to tell myself how freaking amazing I am at life till I believe it. I am going to repeatedly say I am the sh*ts over and over (and over) again. I am going to no longer want to be like all those confident people who believe in themselves, I am going to be one of them. I refuse to hinder myself over self-doubt for no reason any longer. I will work on myself till I have that unbreakable confidence.


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Managing life’s obstacles with grace

Managing life’s obstacles with grace

Life can change in an instant. We are all human and aren’t immune to receiving heartache, going through trials, and feeling failure. It’s constant work to navigate your life and control how you react during a challenging time. The doubts and insecurities are almost guaranteed to creep in. The thoughts of being insufficient or not doing enough will eat at you. How do we stop ourselves from going down the rabbit hole of negativity?

Being conscious of what you are experiencing, while focusing on a positive thought process, will bring you to a place of acceptance, and allow you to progress gracefully to what is next.

It can be a scary world out there. The lack of ability to control everything and the continuous stress to control what you can. The hope you’re living to your fullest potential and giving yourself the chance to shine. In one day, just one single moment, can change your outlook instantly. Resulting in you questioning yourself, your decisions, and others around you. What did I do wrong? Will I be okay?

Trying to manage stress in an uncontrollable situation can cause you to feel an overflow of emotions. Not being able to understand why these challenges are happening and trying to grasp at hope that is hard to see can feel desperate. It can consume who we are and prevent us from prospering with grace. How do we manage the difficulties life throws at us?

First, know we will never have all of life’s answers. We can only live to the fullest. As corny as it sounds, we all are gifted only one life. One time to do what we dream, to strive to reach our goals, to believe all things are possible if we pursue it. Getting hit with bad news or feeling like you’re lost in maze can feel like chaos quickly. What do we do when we don’t know how to zero in on positive thoughts?

I would like to say, have faith. Believe you are being guided through what you’re experiencing. No matter your religion, know that you will reach the destination you are meant to. For me, having faith that there is a bigger picture gives me solace. However, I am aware not all people are religious. Sometimes faith can be you believing you’ll get through it. That you will make it possible. That everything will be okay because you believe in you.

Which brings me to the importance of loving yourself. If we don’t see why we are worth it how will we ever prosper? Recognizing you are going through a difficult time and knowing you will preserver will make you unstoppable. Get down, cry, be sad. That’s okay but don’t stay there. Put it in your head, right now, that this is a hurdle that doesn’t define you. It only adds to your story.

If you need more information seek it with caution. Understanding you might learn something you’re not ready for and being able to differentiate what is reliable will be vital in this process. Don’t overwhelm or drown yourself in all the possible answers, move forward a day at a time and keep faith that it will all come together.

It can be hard to handle an obstacle alone. If you have people you can talk to, do so. Letting people know you are going through a difficult time is not always easy. However, knowing you have people in your corner will help put your mind at ease. Support can be our strongest defense against feeling consumed by our circumstance.

Make sure to be thankful everyday. Look around you, find one thing that you’re happy for. From something as small as the ability to read this post or as big as the possibilities you have yet to uncover. No life worth living is absolutely perfect, imperfection is where character is built.

Our life is defined by the actions we CHOOSE to take- not by the circumstances we cannot control.

Being conscious of what you are experiencing, while focusing on a positive thought process, will bring you to a place of acceptance, and allow you to progress gracefully to what is next. Be who you want to be, hold on to your grit, and believe in yourself. Never allow yourself to feel you are not able to fight. Kick, punch, scream, do whatever you have to do to conquer your obstacle.

Understand that although this is not your chosen destination, you have the power to value yourself and keep a positive frame of mind. Be steadfast in being the best version of yourself no matter what is occurring.

Accept you can’t control what changed your life but you can determine what’s next.

It’s your journey, always be grateful, handle obstacles with grace, and find your joy.

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