Determined to be the woman my daughter needs

Determined to be the woman my daughter needs

When I was told I was having a baby girl I don’t think I realized the gravity our relationship would have on me. The strong bond that would easily develop. She makes me look at myself and want to be better, a better person…a better woman.  I feel a responsibility to be a good example of what a woman is or can be. I’m amazed with her knack to learn all my bad habits while also shining a light on my best qualities. I am hyper aware she’s taking mental notes and trying my best to be the role model she deserves. I am blessed to be gifted with the trust to raise my beautiful little girl.

I know she’s watching me. Every move I make she studies so intently. Sometimes I’ll even catch her mimicking an exact movement, trying to perfect it, so she can be just like mommy. As I clean, she uses a cloth to go over areas I just did. As I read, she sits and bangs on her book then reads aloud with it upside down. As I brush my teeth, she watches me intensely and whimpers for her toothbrush to brush her own.

Her mood often reflects my own. My habits slowly becoming hers. The love she has for me is unconditional as is mine for her. I look at her and know the magnitude of my responsibility.

She looks to me as a model of what a woman is. She will forever be shaped by my example. She is strong, independent, and wise all on her own but still needs the loving guidance of her mommy.

I will stand tall so she knows to always be confident. I will be respectful to show her kindness and warmth is invaluable. I will speak clearly to exemplify intelligence is beauty. I will work hard so she knows her independence is admirable. I will continue to love her without conditions and encourage her fearlessness.

My sweet little girl, I know you are watching me. I know I will make mistakes but I will always be the best woman I can be. I want to show you a woman can be anything they want.

If you wish it, go after it, do it my love. My promise to you is to keep pushing. All things are possible with belief and hard work. I love you forever.

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