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Month: October 2016

10 of the best positive quotes/ affirmations this week

10 of the best positive quotes/ affirmations this week


Everyday it is important to affirm the view you want from your life. No matter what it is, from love to career goals pursue it fully! Affirm what you want and positively go after it. One step at a time, with full determination, and focused on attaining what you wish.

Here’s a roundup of this weeks best quotes/ affirmations. I hope they will inspire, motivate, or provide perspective for those who desire it.

  1. Never give up what matters to you…no matter how tough.
  2. Your value doesn’t decrease due to somebody’s inability to see your value.
  3. Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have.
  4. There’s no right or wrong way to improve your life as long as your intentions are on point accept there will be obstacles and it takes time!
  5. If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies how very different our ideals of beauty will be.
  6. You cannot grow unless you’re willing to change
  7. Nothing is impossible the word itself says “I’m possible”
  8. Your actions and words should always agree with each other.
  9. He who angers you controls you
  10. Stay committed to your decision but flexible in your approach -Tony Robbins

Whatever you are pursuing keep going!

Life is too crazy wonderful not to.

You need to be selfish & love yourself the most

You need to be selfish & love yourself the most

The love I have for me has to be greater than the love I have for anyone else. It feels absurd to say that. The concept seems almost harsh. The statement usually goes, I love my kids more than anything in this world. I get that, I agree with that, I even feel that. When I say I have to love me, what I am trying to convey is truly accept any flaws and believe in my own capabilities. I have to love all of me. In honesty, if I don’t love me and push toward my needs I won’t love anyone else as completely as I could. There would be a missing piece or a lost part that could have been greater.

I don’t want what I am saying to be misconstrued. I feel like the luckiest woman alive. My kids are my everything, I love them more than life itself, they give me purpose. My husband is my complete heart and has been my biggest inspiration. I’d do absolutely anything for my family. However, I’ve made mistakes. I thought the way to show them my love was pushing all my needs to the side and attempt to be super mom/ wife. I thought if I wanted just for me, it was selfish. I am a mom, I am a wife, but I am also me. An individual with their own separate needs and yes wants.  

The result of me not making myself a priority was I felt lonely and sad. I started to feel turmoil and it was hard for me to process why.  I lost any sense of individuality. I consumed myself in my marriage and raising our kids. I didn’t allow myself to think of doing anything else because I put all my value as a person into my family. I wanted my family to love me so much because I didn’t. I couldn’t see my value without them. 

It was not fair to give them that responsibility. That’s a lot of weight for anyone to bare. I rationalized that in order to be an amazing mom and spouse I couldn’t focus on anything but my family, if I did it would be self-serving. I don’t say I have to love myself more than anyone else as a reason to push others away, it’s so I can love others fully. If I love me completely then nothing can stand in my way of loving my family with every ounce. I wouldn’t depend on them for my worth because I love me, and I know my worth.

That’s my point, nobody can tell you your value. You have to instill that in yourself. Your family can love you to the ends of the earth but you have to feel that within. I made the change, I decided I had to show my kids and husband a better version of me. One that is consumed in loving them because I love me.

So, with the support of my family, I began to take the steps to finding the value within myself. Not from my kids good grades, having a clean house, or my husbands promotion but from me. Just me. I knew I needed personal growth and had to find answers I didn’t have. I opened my mind, read books, and did online research. The most fabulous thing started to happen, I began to discover what made me tick. I reeled myself in and focused on what makes me, me.

My first step was finding something I loved. I needed discover a passion and pursue it fully. Not just half-assing it but going full force. It had to be self-focused. Although it felt selfish it nourished my heart and fed my soul. By filling a void I didn’t know I had I became happier and more accepting of myself.

The biggest step was probably when I stopped socializing with the people that made me feel judged. How can anyone improve themselves surrounded by people that don’t make them feel good about who they are? Whenever I was around those individuals I’d find myself questioning so much about  who I was. It’s as though I’d be pulled into a vortex of negativity and I’d be in a funk for days, possibly weeks!

I decided I was worth it and deserved to see myself the way my husband and kids did. I took a step back from the negativity and the process became so much easier. On that note, you can’t stop either, once you start you have to keep going, even when it’s hard or you don’t like what you feel. That’s when the transformation is happening. You have to accept you are on a journey with no deadline.

I knew I had to work on loving all my quarks and find what I really loved about me. Progress is progress no matter how slow or small of a step. You may have setbacks but it’s all growth. You’re pushing for more from yourself and that’s amazing.

The fact that you took the time to read this shows you care about yourself. You took a moment and decided this resonates with me. Maybe you are scared to push through a barrier, or reach for more, but if you love you without conditions any of those obstacles become lessons you can learn from. I started taking these steps because I was not giving myself what I deserved.

I thought my family was happy with me pushing my needs to the side. The realization is they wanted me to thrive as much as I wanted them to. In order to be the best parent, spouse, sibling, friend, etc you have to have a greater love for yourself. You attract so much more positivity and will be fulfilled when you ensure your own happiness. I love me, you should love you.

Life is a crazy wonderful journey. Keep Going!

Why You Need To Take CONTROL

Why You Need To Take CONTROL

Most of us have gone through some type of difficulty in our life. I always hear people say things like “live life to the fullest” or “be fearless”, and wonder if they genuinely know the secret to applying those mantras to their life. Is it really a secret? I mean, seriously, how does someone truly know how to live fully!? Where does the courage to be fearless come from? I’m that person who overly plans everything and asks way too many what if’s. What does it take for our eyes to be opened and our perception transformed? 

When I started to have health issues and learned I may have Lupus my world completely changed and my outlook slowly morphed. Simply put, I got fed up and decided to take control. I have learned more about myself than ever before through this unexpected experience. I took ownership and recognized I needed to change my mindset.

I reevaluated my entire life, learning what I liked about myself and what I wanted to improve on. Why does it take a hardship or adversity for us to rise to the occasion? Why do we wait till something is happening for something to be done? This doesn’t only go for health issues. It applies to anything in life, any trial, any failure, any lost hope. It took for me to no longer be in control to see just how much I allowed life to pass and not live it. How sad is that? It’s completely insane that I had to be laid out on my sofa night after night to say I want more. I want more from myself, for family, toward my dreams. The lack of value I put on myself was pathetic. Why would anyone see greatness in me if I didn’t see it in myself!? I made a promise in those moments, if I ever was not feeling so ill I’d rise up. I wouldn’t find an excuse, or say I can’t, I’d no longer be fearful. It was time for the fiercest part of me to come alive. I just repeated to myself over and over I am going to gain control and own it!

I don’t want to say “Hey, guys this is a super easy process.” There will surely be ups and downs, however, it will be the most beautiful breakthrough. The hard work feels like accomplishment and is so rewarding. I promise you that! You deserve to shine, push your limits, surprise yourself.  Be determined to show yourself how great you are.

Take a moment to step back and envision what you want for your life. Think about your goals from career to family and health with anything in between. Picture you being happy and attaining everything you visualized. How do you get there? What steps will you take? You have the power to navigate your future no matter how scary or overwhelming. You are in CONTROL.

Let me say this as bluntly as possible, you need to value yourself, nobody can do that for you. Don’t fail yourself, there’s a bigger picture, and you are capable of achieving it. Work hard, take the steps no matter how fearful you are. It’s time to change your mind. Find the positive and keep running. Give yourself the chance to grow and achieve what you desire. You’re worth it. 

Fight to stay focused and stay on your path. Be determined to be amazing. I took control. YOU can do that too. We all can. Choose to be in control, at work, at home, in your relationship, with finances, your health, ANYTHING. If you lack happiness, find your happy. This life is too crazy and even more wonderful to not find a way to take charge.  KEEP GOING!

Today is the Day for You to Take Control

Today is the Day for You to Take Control

The day is here.

The day you decide to change your mind.

The day you pursue your greatness.

The day you no longer allow others actions to determine yours.

The day you realize you’re in control.

The day you refuse to give up.

The day you proudly say you’re worth it.

The day you no longer hide or lie to yourself to make you feel better.

The day you recognize your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

The day you promise yourself to never give up on you.

The day you proclaim what you want and unapologetically pursue it.

The day you decide to soar.

The day you will no longer look back.

The day you plan for your greatness.

The day you prepare what your legacy will be.

The day others opinions will no longer affect your future.

The day you open your eyes.

The day you see with clear vision.

The day you fill your heart.

The day you know you are forever changed.

The day you are free.

The day you depend on yourself for your happiness.

The day you finally woke up.

The day you say all things are possible.

The day you love you.

Today is the day.

The day is now.

The day is here.

Today is your day.

What People Need to Know About Gluten Intolerance

What People Need to Know About Gluten Intolerance

I was told the other day eating gluten-free isn’t very hard by someone that doesn’t have to avoid the protein. They explained seeing gluten-free foods everywhere and how it is easy. As they continued talking with their ignorant expertise, explaining to me why I shouldn’t have any issues, (talking as though I’ve changed my entire life for attention) I couldn’t help but be in complete awe. I didn’t start this conversation nor did I try to tell them why it was a must in my life. They freely decided I needed to hear their opinion. I never implied they had to adjust their needs for mine. All they knew is I’m gluten-free. I had the unpleasant realization just how insensitive some people can be. I wanted to express so many emotions to this delightful being, the feeling of frustration and hurt were difficult to convey in the moment. 

I wish I would have said I can’t tell you enough how much I want this lifestyle to be “easy”.  A huge part of me doesn’t want to be aware of gluten. I’d love the freedom to indulge in whatever I desire and not experience anxiety over accidental consumption.  Being gluten-free has had an overwhelming amount of unseen challenges. It is an immense undertaking to process what gluten is and what is does to my body. Looking at every label on foods, hygiene products, and cosmetics like a crazed person, and being in pain when you slip up is not the definition of easy. Only if there were no hidden ingredients and everything was clearly marked gluten-free.

I’d love to not think about the smallest things like my deodorant. Not to mention feeling like a burden to my loved ones.  Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do except try to maintain my health. Gluten is a nasty little ingredient that hurts so many parts of me.

Avoiding it seems “easy” but a large amount of products have hidden gluten. I’ve been forced to live a gluten-free life. It’s not because a celebrity did it or it’s the “cool”  thing to do rather if I expose myself to gluten I will become ILL. A short list of symptoms include body aches, migraines, anxiety, feeling sad, fatigue, throbbing and swollen joints, constipation, brain fog, migraines and so on. Simply put all of me is in pain.

This is not a choice, it’s a must. While I am at it, let me explain, I am fully aware things could be worse, I am thankful it is something I can manage.  I am not complaining about my intolerance but it has been life changing. I’ve altered the way I lived from my daily habits to the way I socialize. I can’t meet up and go out to eat with friends wherever I want. I can’t just stop and quickly get take out. I can’t eat freely at a barbecue.  I don’t get a chance to have a bite or a small taste of any desired foods. I don’t get to wear any make-up I like or sample perfumes. That’s not a choice for me, it my reality.

I have a disease that I CAN take control of. Although you view it as easy and no big deal this is my world. Until you experience what I am going through please do not give me your unwanted advice disguised as judgement. This is NOT for attention, this is my health, my life,  and the only way I can function at my highest capabilities.

One of the most difficult things about living with gluten-intolerance is the constant explaining to others about why I can’t expose myself to it. To you this is “easy” for me it is a daily task. You wanting to understand is valued your opinionated judgement is not. This is the only way for me.