Why You Need To Take CONTROL

Why You Need To Take CONTROL

Most of us have gone through some type of difficulty in our life. I always hear people say things like “live life to the fullest” or “be fearless”, and wonder if they genuinely know the secret to applying those mantras to their life. Is it really a secret? I mean, seriously, how does someone truly know how to live fully!? Where does the courage to be fearless come from? I’m that person who overly plans everything and asks way too many what if’s. What does it take for our eyes to be opened and our perception transformed? 

When I started to have health issues and learned I may have Lupus my world completely changed and my outlook slowly morphed. Simply put, I got fed up and decided to take control. I have learned more about myself than ever before through this unexpected experience. I took ownership and recognized I needed to change my mindset.

I reevaluated my entire life, learning what I liked about myself and what I wanted to improve on. Why does it take a hardship or adversity for us to rise to the occasion? Why do we wait till something is happening for something to be done? This doesn’t only go for health issues. It applies to anything in life, any trial, any failure, any lost hope. It took for me to no longer be in control to see just how much I allowed life to pass and not live it. How sad is that? It’s completely insane that I had to be laid out on my sofa night after night to say I want more. I want more from myself, for family, toward my dreams. The lack of value I put on myself was pathetic. Why would anyone see greatness in me if I didn’t see it in myself!? I made a promise in those moments, if I ever was not feeling so ill I’d rise up. I wouldn’t find an excuse, or say I can’t, I’d no longer be fearful. It was time for the fiercest part of me to come alive. I just repeated to myself over and over I am going to gain control and own it!

I don’t want to say “Hey, guys this is a super easy process.” There will surely be ups and downs, however, it will be the most beautiful breakthrough. The hard work feels like accomplishment and is so rewarding. I promise you that! You deserve to shine, push your limits, surprise yourself.  Be determined to show yourself how great you are.

Take a moment to step back and envision what you want for your life. Think about your goals from career to family and health with anything in between. Picture you being happy and attaining everything you visualized. How do you get there? What steps will you take? You have the power to navigate your future no matter how scary or overwhelming. You are in CONTROL.

Let me say this as bluntly as possible, you need to value yourself, nobody can do that for you. Don’t fail yourself, there’s a bigger picture, and you are capable of achieving it. Work hard, take the steps no matter how fearful you are. It’s time to change your mind. Find the positive and keep running. Give yourself the chance to grow and achieve what you desire. You’re worth it. 

Fight to stay focused and stay on your path. Be determined to be amazing. I took control. YOU can do that too. We all can. Choose to be in control, at work, at home, in your relationship, with finances, your health, ANYTHING. If you lack happiness, find your happy. This life is too crazy and even more wonderful to not find a way to take charge.  KEEP GOING!

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