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You ever have a moment that instantly changes your life? As though it was the one piece you were missing that makes everything else make sense. Where you no longer feel alone but instead feel empowered. What a an exhilarating feeling! I am not alone and you are not either. We all have a spot in this world to make our mark. Whether it’s through our writing, family, or career there is enough room for us all. The greatest thing in the world is when you start valuing yourself and undeniably know YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Here are TEN quotes to inspire, motivate, and keep your focused on your self worth…

  1. “Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.” -John Wooden
  2. The moment I decided I was worth it my life began to change
  3. Slowly building something is better than building nothing
  4. “I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.” – Augusten Burroughs
  5. “Embarrassment lasts a moment, regrets last a lifetime.” – Petteri Tarkkonen
  7. “People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.”- Joseph F. Newton Men
  8. “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”
    – Abraham Lincoln
  9. “Love is the best thing in the world, and the thing that lives the longest.” – Henry Van Dyke
  10. I once was afraid but realized I feared not living fully more.

The great thing about life is many times it is what you make of it. Whatever you desire never give up on you. Live, pursue, and love. Most of all if you feel lost keep seeking until you find what you are looking for.

Success Doesn’t Just Happen You Have to Plan For It

Success Doesn’t Just Happen You Have to Plan For It

Go after what you want, push, and allow yourself to be challenged. The beautiful thing about life is, for the most part, it is what you make of it. There are the inevitable occurrences that we have no control of, but let’s pretend for this instance, you are in complete charge of what is next. What would you do? How do you get there? One thing is for sure, you have to plan for your success and focus on it with a vengeance.

Life is what you make it, how you pursue it, and what you decide is right for you. Nobody can force you to live a life you don’t want, unless you allow them. Choose to take control, demand more from yourself. I write a lot about this topic because it’s one of my biggest flaws. I am actively working on not being timid when it comes to my own wants and needs. As I’ve stated before, as a mom and who I am in general, it comes much more natural for me to give rather than take.

I have consciously decided to take the steps necessary to give my own desires some focus. It has taken me years to finally implement this into my life but has made an immense difference. I am no longer feeling disheveled because I am now caring for myself. I am pursuing the things that will make me happy, therefore I am happier, and feel accomplished. Planning for success and reaching goals takes hard work but is so worth it.

Taking a realistic approach in challenging yourself can prove to be difficult. The need to hold yourself accountable in order to not be defeated has to be done without reservation.

Take a step back and try to look at your life from the outside. Is there anything you want to improve or change? If so, what? Question yourself. Ask why those motives are important to you and visualize you doing those things. Now, realize it doesn’t just happen. Most of the time you’ll have to work your ass off.

It’s been said before anything worth it takes hard work. Your next step is to PLAN! In order to set out toward your goal you at least need a raw idea on how to get there. I remember an old quote that has always stuck with me…

“People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.” – Unknown

Why allow failing to plan be a factor in your life? Do you want success? PLAN for it! Talking about it and following through the motions is fine, IF you’re planning on being average. Don’t create limitation for yourself by not properly preparing for success. It takes daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planning.

Have your goals set? GREAT! Now, you must create a plan to execute them. Work hard and get out of your own way. Recognizing what you need to improve on and giving yourself an outline on how to get there will get you to your end goal. Get out of your safe zone and push yourself toward what you have always wanted. Start thinking for SUCCESS! You are worth it, KEEP GOING!

Inspiring and Motivational Quotes Week: 8

Inspiring and Motivational Quotes Week: 8

Staying in the frame of mind of motivation and pushing toward success takes perseverance. You have to be willing to push yourself beyond anything else and have the grit to go through any turbulence. It won’t be easy, it’s not suppose to be. You need to be willing to find the want for more and push for that desire. Focusing on your end goal will give you the power to attain it through your actions. It will be hard work and you may fall, but those are lessons to propel you to the next level. You’ll gain knowledge with the ability to avoid the same mishaps in the future. Live, learn, achieve!

Here are 10 quotes to keep your mind motivated and focused on positivity for the week!

  • “If you don’t confront the tough stuff it will always have control over you.” – Grant Cardone
  • “We may encounter man defeats but we must not be defeated” -Maya Angelou
  • “Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso
  • “What we call failure is not the falling down, but the staying down.” – Mary Pickford
  • Participate in life instead of just watching it pass you by.
  • “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” -John Wooden
  • “Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Choose wisely.” – Vala Afshar
  • May you always do what you are afraid to do.
  • If you can’t find a good role model, be one.
    -Gale Anne Hurd
  • “Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase” -Martin Luther King Jr.

Wherever you decide to take your life, remember you can take control, and determine how you view it. Life does not just happen to you, live it by taking action! Whatever you are pursuing, KEEP GOING! You’re worth it.

Don’t Let Your Comfort Zone Make You a Loser

Don’t Let Your Comfort Zone Make You a Loser

There’s a natural reservation when considering how much to reveal about yourself. It’s not about hiding or not being authentic rather protecting yourself from being vulnerable. I am the queen of this. Never sharing too much, in actuality, I share very little if anything at all. This is in so many areas of my life from friends to family. I have always preferred to be a bit of a mystery. If people don’t know then I can’t get hurt by what they have to say.

I realize a lot of my reservations are because I fear judgement and lack confidence. Although I’ve been described as a go-getter I often shy away from anything that takes me out of my comfort zone. I’ve built a safe little space and I very much prefer to staying in it. Lately, though, that has started to change. I’ve felt compelled to be more open and stop hindering myself. Call it growth or changed perspective but there has definitely been a shift in my mindset.

Writing has always been my clearest form of expression. When I write I gain insight and composure. It’s how I dealt with my ever changing family dynamics in my youth and the continual learnable moments with friends. I always had a pen and paper to express myself. I’ve gained clarity when I needed it the most by simply writing it out. My writings are what I could always trust and depend on.

One of the scariest things is to put yourself out there and not feel accepted. To allow yourself to be bare, stripped down, with the hopes of just one person relating to you. I always thought it was safer in my box, but the honest truth is it’s lonely there. I have no clue if someone understands because I don’t give them the chance to tell me.

Before I almost felt like I was winning by being a “mystery”, protecting myself from ever getting hurt, but I was actually losing because I didn’t allow relationships to develop. As an adult woman with a great husband and loving kids I finally feel grounded. I am comfortable in my own skin and I have a lot to say. It took me years and years to get here, and although I am still a work in progress I think it’s time to stop holding myself back.

This is my chance to have a voice, whether it is to give an opinion or talk about my experiences, I need to convey who I am. The very first step was accepting myself and loving me. By achieving that others opinions of me don’t make me have self-doubt and I no longer worry about others opinions, as much. It’s like I have the freedom to be me and not be scared to throw away this figurative box I’ve put myself  in.

You can do this too. I know at times it feels impossible but that is because it takes hard work. It won’t happen over night. It can take months into years, it did for me. In the end you have to deem yourself worthy of living in more than just a “box”. I am not saying you have to share your whole life story but find the one thing you’re scared of.

Stop letting it hold you back. For me,  I feared vulnerability and feeling weak or judged. You can be scared to be abandoned, alone, loved, betrayed, not successful, etc. What is it? What is stopping you? Decide to stop allowing it to control you, figure out a plan of action, and stay focused in achieving your desire. Nobody can do this for you. Put in the work and no longer be hindered by your fear.  Conquer, grow, WIN. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Why it’s Important to Set Goals in the New Year

Why it’s Important to Set Goals in the New Year

Here we are. New Year, new resolutions. This is usually the time everyone reflects on last year, evaluating what was good or bad and what they’d like to improve upon. It’s a jumping off point to track your progress on the goals you set. I’ve heard people say I don’t do the whole resolution thing or theirs is always the same, some others think it’s silly. I feel it’s all how you utilize the thought behind your resolution.

My resolutions are based off what I want to focus and improve on for the year. What will make me, as an individual, stronger. The great thing is I know exactly when I set out toward these goals and throughout the year I can easily track my progress. My resolutions are not for you, my husband, my kids, or anyone else but me. What I improve upon may benefit others due to my work but it’s not for them, my resolutions are just for me. My sanity, my benefit, me. I think some people feel bad being selfish like that, I’m one of them, but it’s a must.

Do better, be better, try better. The New Year marks the time for reflection and celebration. Why celebrate? Well, it’s simple, you’ve made it through another year. Whether is was filled with joys or riddled with challenges it’s a year you will never get back. A year that you have experienced, grown, and learned. What a beautiful thing to be able to say you have the chance to explore your goals and appreciate your present life.

For me, my year was full of lessons. It was a year of growth and resilience. I always thought I was a strong person. I would describe myself as bold but cautious. I was given the gift of self love this year, I fought for myself, and learned I am so much stronger than I ever knew. The type of strong that does anything to find a better way, a happier possibility. I could of stayed down, I could’ve said this is too much, but I fought for me. Through that fight I fell in love with who I am and realized I AM WORTH IT.  I know without all the challenges I would of NEVER learned that. So, for all my trials in the last year, I am thankful. I am capable in a way I never knew I could be.

Going into the new year I am not looking to have unrealistic resolutions. I won’t tell myself to jump out of plane or get into a bodybuilding competition because I know that is not my focus.  I am going to set firm goals, that I will have a passion toward pursuing, and fight to attain them. Not half-ass I am going to kind of be ambitious but with determination and intent to rise above.

I choose to turn what could be viewed as a challenging time into a rewarding learning experience. My hope is that others will do the same. A new year brings a plethora of new life events, how you approach and handle each one can determine how it goes. So, meet challenges with a I can accomplish it attitude, believe in possibility, and never stop fighting for yourself! HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, make it a great one!